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Online Business Analyst Course Canada

Best Online Business analyst course in Toronto – Canada offered by ITedge help you to understand the basics and advance methods of handling various analysis for any organization. We offer a meticulously crafted BA online course to cover all the bases in the field of Analysis with any organization you work with. Due to its flexibility you can take this course online within weekends with a combined total of 40+ in-class hours where all topics are extensively covered. 

We initiate you into the day-to-day responsibilities of a Analyzing any verticals of business and introduce you to the best of industry standard technologies and techniques that will be your backbone to success.

business analyst certification course in Toronto - Canada
Data Analytics Course in Toronto

Business Analyst Course in Canada

Gain valuable analysist skill and experiences with professional IT institute in Toronto, Canada.  We aim to guide you using exercises, workshops, projects, interviews, and a library of resources specially created with students from all backgrounds in mind. 

ITedge provides various online BA course in Canada in order to teaches you the value of business management competencies that can enhance your knowledge and value to your current job profile. We also offer recruitment in reputed IT industries within Canada.

The Curriculum for Online business analyst course  are a mix of basic management and advance analysis that enhance your Analyzing capabilities through Waterfall and Agile methodologies, requirements elicitation techniques, Domain, and Tech knowledge. 

We familiarize our students with tools such as SQL Server, Tableau, Confluence/Jira, MS SharePoint, and UAT.

In Canada, the average monthly salary for a business analyst is $5,262. 609 salaries have been reported as of November 5, 2022.

Online Business analyst Training and Placement in Toronto

You can become a BA who can analyze an organization, a business domain, a system, or a process with the help of the ITedge Business Analyst Training and Job Placement Program in Toronto, Canada. The abilities acquired will enable you to work as a analyst and serve as a liaison between the project’s stakeholders to comprehend an organization’s policies, structure, and operations as well as to suggest solutions and assist the organization in achieving its objectives. ITedge offers BA training for all our trainees. We offer the best online business analyst course in Toronto – Canada in that will be covered from scratch in this course, enabling the student to get hired in Top IT company in Canada.

About Online Business Analyst Course

IT’s computer programming, and business intelligence are all combined in IT. In order to gain proper insights into various aspects of a particular business, business analytics is required in everyday business.

Our well-structured and well-planned courses are designed to train and groom our candidate’s approach to job skills. Besides providing our students with an IT background, we also equip them with all the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the industry. 

Each of our courses include live projects to provide our students with hands-on experience of working on an IT project. Our candidates receive guaranteed business analyst Training & job placement in Toronto, Canada. We  support after they complete the course. We also assist students with résumé writing and mock interviews to help them improve their interviewing capabilities. We aim to provide each of you the time and attention you deserve. We didn’t get there by ourselves.

Our Job Oriented Business Analyst Job Placement course is designed to teach you how to plan and create activities such as requirements gathering, artefact development, and requirement elicitation, among others, through a combination of practical in-depth training and interview preparation.


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Benefits of online Business Analyst course

Here are the given reasons to pursue online BA analyst course in Canada

  • High demand for graduates:The current business environment depends on the data that is generated every day, which must then be properly collected, examined, and concluded by experts. Students who choose to pursue a master’s degree in business analytics in Canada will later be in demand on the job market.
  • Employment opportunities: After graduating, international students can find excellent employment opportunities in Canada. Graduates are thriving in the most competitive industry right now, online business analyst course in Canada, thanks to the courses offered by ITedge.
Learning outcomes of from this course

By Undertaking this online course you would be able to handle 

  • Creating a detailed business analysis,
  • Outlining problems, opportunities and solutions for a business.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • Planning and monitoring.
  • Variance analysis.
  • Pricing Analysis.
  • Reporting.
  • Defining business requirements and reporting them back to stakeholders.
  • Advanced knowledge about Waterfall and Agile methodologies
  • Understanding of tools such as SQL Server, Tableau, Confluence/Jira, MS SharePoint, and UAT
Responsibilities Handled by a Business Analyst

A BA use their business analysis capabilities in order to service within the core of many companies ranging from Small businesses to large organization. Main is responsible to improve and streamline business processes that help an businesses meet its objectives and reach organizational goals. Overall a BA helps and support business information system across multiple departments. Some of the responsibility of a Business Analyst in a company include: 

  • Understanding and evaluating the current workflows of company and identify areas of improvement
  • Reviewing up-to-date business processes and modernize IT advancements. 
  • Presenting ideas and findings with the management.
  • Coaching and Training staff members.
  • Crafting new initiatives based on business’s needs & requirements.
  • Developing projects and monitoring project performance
  • Collaborating with the internal and external stakeholders
  • Working closely with Top Management, partners etc.

Why ITEdge for Business Analyst Course ?

Practical Implementations

Finely tuned concoction of Theoretical knowledge with real life practical implementations.

Encouragement for Participation

Disciplined classes with attention given to each candidate and encouragement for participation.

Live Projects

Each of our courses include live projects to provide our students with hands-on experience of working on an IT project.

Expert Advice

Expert advice on approaching the job market and added assistance with Job Placements.

Instructors are Reachable

Instructors are reachable even outside of class to clear confusions and general assistance for courses.


The courses offered by ITEdge are very rewarding & have numerous advantages. The business analyst course has numerous advantages.

  • The course can help you get a better job as a business analyst.
  • The course will improve your data interpretation and problem-solving abilities.
  • It teaches how to calculate business values.
  • It broadens one’s horizons and aids in data visualisation.
  • It introduces students to data management, decision trees, and other business tools.
  • A business analyst’s career and growth are both fast-paced. The job never gets boring and keeps you on your toes.

We mainly offer courses on:

(1) Business Analysis Training

(2) Quality Assurance Training

(3) Data Analyst Training (Coming Soon)

(4) IOS Development (Coming Soon)

According to the BLS, demand for management analysts will boost by 11% between 2019 and 2029, which is much significantly quicker than the national average for all occupations. The BLS also implies that competition for  analyst jobs will be intense because of the high incomes of the occupation.

A Business Analyst is a career path that can be pursued by any professional, experienced or inexperienced. The most important requirement for a successful Business Analyst is an analytical mindset. There are no specific educational requirements for becoming a Business Analyst. Course applicants come from a variety of backgrounds, including project managers and sales executives, as well as bankers and IT professionals.

The top skills needed to become a business analyst are listed below.

  • Degree and Domain Knowledge You should have a degree in the relevant field.  
  • Analytical abilities 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Negotiation abilities
  • SQL
  • Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Communication Skills.

The overall process is as follows:

Step 1 Complete the registration through the website.

Step 2 Go through the relevant course and training.

Step 3 Prepare resume.

Step 4 Take part in thorough mock interviews.

Step 5 Initiate the placement process.

Step 6 Get a successful Job Placement.

Step 7 Receive post-job placement support if required.

Absolutely Not. We have designed this course to allow people from different backgrounds and freshers and ease into the course through an introduction to the basics and clear concepts for each component that is being taught.

Yes. As part of training, the instructor will assign either a case study/assignment or a reading material (white paper, article, journal, etc.). Also, the students are expected to submit their work diligently so that we can track their progress during the duration of the training.

Yes. Most of the assignments will need to be completed via specific tools. This is part of the practical experience with the tools. However, there is no additional cost for using these tools.

The concepts, principles, tools, and techniques that are taught to our students are domain agnostic i.e. can be applied irrespective of any domain.

Yes. Our flagship course Business Analysis is aligned to IIBA’sⓇ BABOKⓇ version 3 and PMI’sⓇ PBAⓇ body of knowledge.


IIBAⓇ (International Institute of Business Analysis) is a not-for-profit organization geared toward the advancement of the business analysis discipline.

BABOKⓇ  (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) is an official book, issued by IIBA, which is the reference book used for business analysis certifications.

CBAPⓇ (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is one of the most prestigious certifications in the field of business analysis. It is awarded by IIBA and one must meet certain minimum criteria to take the exam. More information can be found at

All our training is provided by ‘Certified’ instructors. Our ‘Business Analysis’ training is provided by a CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certified instructor, On average, our instructors have 12 plus years of extensive experience in the field of business analysis/project management and are active practitioners in their respective fields.

All sessions are conducted online. You will need the following things to attend the training:

  1. PC/Laptop/Tablet
  2. Internet connection
  3. Headsets with mic

Yes. Each session is recorded and posted on the training portal immediately after the session is over. You will have access to the training portal, including all training sessions, for up to 1 year from the course completion date.


Yes. You may contact the instructor either via phone, WhatsApp, or email id. Since our instructors are also working on a full-time basis, they generally contact you after office working hours.

Financial is the most popular domain. Within ‘Financial’, there are various sub-domains such as retail banking, investment banking, secondary mortgage, insurance, fixed income, etc. While there are business analyst jobs in all domains, the finance domain will have the majority of them. Also, the learning curve is not that steep, and one should be able to learn it quickly.

Definitely. Once appx 80% of the training is covered, we will prepare your resume, conduct mock interviews and initiate the placement process via our own internal marketing team as well as through a network of recruiters.

We can definitely help you in such a situation. Please contact us at +1 437-254-7868 to discuss this further and we will provide a solution.

Appx 35-40 hours of core training is provided over the course of 12-week duration. This includes the hours towards preparing you for interviews, conducting mock interviews, etc.

Please contact us directly either via phone or WhatsApp (437-254-7868) or email ( and we will take care of your needs.