iOS Developer Training

iOS Development Course

IOS Development Course

The iOS Development course from ITedge is a project-based investigation of mobile app development that focuses on the design and implementation of RESTful API clients. Students improve their technical skills by completing coding assignments. Experiments, as well as creating three completely functional apps using APIs and Apple SDKs.

Apple iOS is the comprehensive operating system that powers Apple’s mobile devices. After completing this course, you will have an in-depth knowledge of iOS architectures, a detailed method of app creation, ideas of Objective-C, an understanding of Core Data Services, iOS Testing, submitting software to App Store, and getting jobs from big tech companies.

IOS Development Course
Quality Analyst Certification Course

Overview of IOS Developer Online Training Course

You’ll begin by studying the fundamentals of iOS app development with Swift and Xcode, Apple’s developer environment. You’ll create your first iOS apps using layouts, views, UIKit, and other tools. Then, leveraging networking and Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch and Core Data, you’ll graduate to building more complicated and comprehensive applications.

Students will participate in a group project and apply all they’ve learned to conceptualise, develop, and architect their own operational mobile apps from scratch during the second half of the course. Teams will get the opportunity to demonstrate their apps and receive feedback from expert software engineers.

IOS Developer Job Oriented Course

Our IOS developer online courses are well-structured and well-planned, and they are intended to train and develop our candidates’ approach to job skills. In addition to providing our students with an IT background, we also provide them with all of the skills and information required to pursue a job in the field.

Our courses always feature live projects to provide our students hands-on experience working on an IT project. After completing the course, our applicants are promised job placement assistance. We also help students with résumé writing and mock interviews to improve their interviewing skills. We want to give you the time and attention you deserve. We didn’t get there on our own.

Quality Analyst Course

Key Features

  • Get trained in Industry standard tools and frameworks
  • Interview Training
  • Work on Live projects
  • Fresher Friendly (We will start from as basic as holding a mouse)
  • Hands on practical experience along with theoretical knowledge


QA Course Syllabus

IOS Development Course Content

At ITedge, we think that having access to relevant, hands-on technical training, career guidance, mentors, and a community built by Developer for developers may offer tomorrow’s tech leaders the advantage they need to idea of starting, life-changing careers.

Course Content

• Auto Layout 

• Navigation 

•  View & View Controllers

• Gestures and animation

• Debugging

• XCode

• RESTful APIs

• CRUD – Create, Read, Update, and Delete online data

Learning outcomes of IOS Development Course

By Undertaking this online IOS Development course you would be able to handle 

  • Individual app assignments with code review and feedback
  • Labs to practice pair-programming while working on apps
  • Online support forum to get questions answered
  • Build your own class schedule app, weather app, and a video streaming social app
  • Get trained in Industry standard tools and frameworks
  • Interview Training
  • Work on Live projects
  • Fresher Friendly (We will start from as basic as holding a mouse)
  • Hands on practical experience along with theoretical knowledge
Responsibilities Handled by a IOS Developer
  • Designing and developing mobile apps for Apple’s iOS platform.
  • Defining app functionalities in collaboration with the design team.
  • Assuring the application’s quality and performance according to standards.
  • Identifying potential issues and fixing bottlenecks in the application.
  • Repairing application issues prior to the final release.
  • App Store publication of an application
  • Maintaining the code and atomizing the application.
  • Creating and deploying application updates.

Why ITedge for IOS development Online Course ?

Practical Implementations

Finely tuned concoction of Theoretical knowledge with real life practical implementations.

Encouragement for Participation

Disciplined classes with attention given to each candidate and encouragement for participation.

Live Projects

Each of our courses include live projects to provide our students with hands-on experience of working on an IT project.

Expert Advice

Expert advice on approaching the job market and added assistance with Job Placements.

Instructors are Reachable

Instructors are reachable even outside of class to clear confusions and general assistance for courses.

We are currently in the process of designing a dedicated program for iOS Development training and Job placement. The program is expected to exceed industry standards and aims to work as an entry point for students who want to join the growing industry of iOS 16 Release.

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Along with the first generation iPhone, Apple debuted its own operating system, iOS. Apple devices now all run on the iOS framework, with systems like as macOS, WatchOS, and TVOS handling the individual needs of each device.

Earlier, the design of the first iPhone did not allow third-party apps, which appears bizarre today. Everyone from individuals to companies could get into the game after Apple revealed the app store and offered the development environment to developers all over the world. Apple’s iOS revolutionized the way we think about user interfaces. The introduction of the first-generation iPhone in 2007 provided a completely new concept for a smartphone as well as a matching operating system.

Currently, iOS app creation is in such high demand that Android has its own store. It’s a legitimate career path, and more and more businesses are using it as part of their business model.


Programmers can establish careers in mobile app development by taking a development course. It’s a skill in high demand across industries, and businesses will be looking for someone who can design apps for iOS devices.
ITedge Based in Toronto (Canda) offers courses for IOS developers developed in collaboration with industry leaders. Students can attend live session from anywhere in the world. 

We provide numerous iOS programming classes. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of Xcode, SwiftUI, the Swift programming language, and other developer tools. The course covers the fundamentals of app functionality and invites developers to explore their creative side. Also, Our applicants are assured job placement assistance after completing the training. In addition, we assist students with résumé writing and mock interviews to help them enhance their interviewing abilities. We want to provide you the attention and time you deserve. We didn’t get there by ourselves.

  • Fundamentals of iOS architecture and Objective-C 
  • Fundamentals of iOS programming concepts 
  • Creating application layouts and constructing whole apps
  • PLIST files and setting NS user defaults 
  • Web services, address book usage, and data storage 
  • Working on iOS notification services 
  • Sprite Kit framework for producing 2D games 
  • Apple Certification process
  • Professional & Software Developers
  • Web Developers & System Developers
  • System Design Experts
  • App Enthusiast for Apple IOS

This training course is open to anyone. A basic understanding of object-oriented programming can be beneficial.

 The Apple iOS App Store contains mobile applications noted for their painstaking design, sheer usability, and technical robustness, therefore exceeding consumers’ expectations. Mastering iOS App Development can push you into the big leagues, where you can apply for positions at high-paying companies that value skilled iOS App Developers. This iOS App Development programme will teach you all you need to know to command high incomes and advance your career. 

  • According to, iOS controls 27.4% of the global smartphone market.
  • According to Statista, the total number of apps downloaded from the Apple App Store is 130 billion.
  • According to, an iOS Developer can earn a salary of $101,000 in the United States.

Building an iOS application is an excellent career step or can be included as part of a professional package. Whether you want to learn to code as a hobby or as a job, ITedge professional assist you by  teach you the skills you need to operate within the Apple ecosystem.

You’ll create your first iPhone app, and who knows what else. You might discover that developing for mobile devices is merely the starting point for this next creative phase of your life.