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QA training and placement Toronto, Canada

Our instructors bring to the table, 10+ years of experience in IT to walk you through the Quality Assurance training program with respect to domain knowledge and real-life experiences. We have classes on the weekends with a combined total of 38+ in-class hours where all topics are extensively covered.

Our online QA training and placement course in Toronto, Canada, is vastly appreciated by our students for being detail-oriented and covering all aspects of QA fundamentals of logic and testing, a walkthrough into the daily life of a Quality Analyst Engineer, and a thorough understanding of the Software Development Cycle, Software Test Cycles, and Automation/Manual Testing. These factors make us one of the best institutes for QA Training in the GTA.

Quality Analyst Course
Quality Analyst Certification Course

Quality Analyst Job Oriented Course

The Quality Analyst job oriented course assists in ensuring product value delivery by instilling a quality culture and developing a quality strategy. This main goal identifies defects in the product proactively by being involved in the product’s development early on, specifies what quality means for the product, and participates in requirement analysis to define what quality means for each individual feature or story.

QA Software Testing Course in Toronto

Online quality assurance analyst provided by ITedge located in Toronto Canada, You can learn  the engineering principles pertaining to the software development lifecycle in courses. You will learn about the workings of software engineering and programming. An engineer who tests the functionality and verifies the accuracy of software is known as a software tester. You acquire the ability to find and fix software product bugs and flaws.

This Course will teach you business cases from the top IT industries. We also taught strategies for using testing and development tools to help you work with a successful position by using programming language and software testing.

Quality Analyst Course

Overview of Quality Analyst Course

Get the required Skills and become a Developers worst nightmare :- QA .

The new trend in the market where every industry is digitalizing, the job market for QA is on fire. Software testers (QA) evaluate the product and tests it until it breaks. They are responsible for making sure the accepted level of software requirements are met. 

Evaluating the functionality and performance of the product plays a crucial role in the meeting project objective. Studying the fast-paced market and rapidly changing technologies, We at ITEdge molded our QA course to include every opportunity to get trained and attain the required skills to be the best in the field, not just in Ontario, but all-over North America

Quality Analyst Overview

Key Features

  • Get trained in Industry standard tools and frameworks
  • Interview Training
  • Work on Live projects
  • Fresher Friendly (We will start from as basic as holding a mouse 🙂 )
  • Hands on practical experience along with theoretical knowledge



QA Course Syllabus
Quality assurance courses online in Canada

The objectives of quality assurance course is activities carried out throughout the life cycle of a software product are examined in this course. It focuses on fusing agile software development methodologies with testing processes. A combination of exercises that are directed by the instructor and student research that results in knowledge sharing allow for practical exercises that give experience with test design, specification, execution, and test automation using tools.


  • Introduction to Java(Installation, Basic understanding of the IDE )
  • Java Data Types
  • String Handling
  • Java Operators
  • Conditional Statement & Looping Statements
  • Arrays and Built in Methods.
  • Access Modifiers

Java OOPS Concepts

  • Classes and Objects
  • Java Methods
  • Constructor
  • Method Overloading/ Overriding
  • This, Final Keyword
  • Static Methods & Variables
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism


    • Selenium WebDriver – SetUp
    • Running tests on Various Browsers
    • Element Inspector Tools
    • Multiple ways to locate Elements
    • CSS Selectors – Advanced Locators
    • Xpath- Advanced Locators
    • Working with Web Elements
    • Useful Methods and Properties
    • Wait Types – Handling Synchronizations issues
    • Advanced Interaction
    • JavaScripts Execution
    • Switch Windows and IFrames
    • Working with Action Class
    • KeyPress Events
    • Most Popular Interview Questions **
    • Automation Framework
    • Log4j2
    • TestNG Setup
    • Annotations and Asserts
    • Advanced features
    • Parallel and parameters
    • Data Providers
    • Reporters Logs and HTML reports
    • Advanced Reports
    • Maven
    • Version Control System
    • Jenkins
    • Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber
    • Interview Questions
Learning outcomes of Quality Analyst course

– Understand the Selenium automation tool in detail with its components and principles

– Able to write automated structured scripts

– Understand the different tools and entire working of frameworks 

– Develop robust test cases on web applications with different frameworks

– Able to integrate selenium with an applications test case

Responsibilities Handled by a Quality Analyst
  • Quality analysts should concentrate on developing plans and ensuring that the requirements stick to the organization’s policies.
  • A quality analyst is made accountable for carrying out a plan and correcting errors.
  • They are responsible for determining whether the plan is appropriate in terms of performance, reliability, functionality, and compatibility.
  • They should be familiar with quality assurance testing tools.
  • They gather all of the necessary statistics and determine the root cause analysis method to identify the defect.
  • Employee churn is being reduced.
  • Provide knowledge to new employees
  • Establishes a positive relationship between employees and management.
  • Managing a variety of resources at work
  • Providing effective solutions to a wide range of problems

Why ITEdge for Quality Analyst Course ?

Practical Implementations

Finely tuned concoction of Theoretical knowledge with real life practical implementations.

Encouragement for Participation

Disciplined classes with attention given to each candidate and encouragement for participation.

Live Projects

Each of our courses include live projects to provide our students with hands-on experience of working on an IT project.

Expert Advice

Expert advice on approaching the job market and added assistance with Job Placements.

Instructors are Reachable

Instructors are reachable even outside of class to clear confusions and general assistance for courses.


A career as a quality analyst can be very rewarding. The quality analyst course has numerous advantages.

  • Create a Quality Culture
  • Create a grass root level orientation.
  • Boost productivity and performance.
  • Pathways for advancement in various roles
  • Align individual skills with roles.
  • Controlling attrition and retaining employees
  • Focuses training expenditure
  • Increases credibility with clients
  • Improves business
  • Provides a standard for hiring and promoting people.

For entry-level quality analyst positions, a bachelor’s degree is usually required. A Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Data Management is an excellent degree for this field.

To join in this QA online training, you must have a basic understanding such as: 

  • software testing, 
    SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle),
  • STLC (Software
  • Life Cycle (Software Testing Life Cycle).
  • Testing
  • Selenium.
  • Automation Testing.
  • Java. 
  • Manual Testing. 
  • API Testing. 
  • Python. 
  • Cucumber.

We mainly offer courses on:

(1) Business Analysis Training

(2) Quality Assurance Training

(3) Data Analyst Training 

(4) IOS Development 

The overall process is as follows:

Step 1 Complete the registration through the itedge.ca website.

Step 2 Go through the relevant course and training.

Step 3 Prepare resume.

Step 4 Take part in thorough mock interviews.

Step 5 Initiate the placement process.

Step 6 Get a successful Job Placement.

Step 7 Receive post-job placement support if required.

Absolutely Not. We have designed this course to allow people from different backgrounds and freshers and ease into the course through an introduction to the basics and clear concepts for each component that is being taught.

Yes. As part of training, the instructor will assign either a case study/assignment or a reading material (white paper, article, journal, etc.). Also, the students are expected to submit their work diligently so that we can track their progress during the duration of the training.

Yes. Most of the assignments will need to be completed via specific tools. This is part of the practical experience with the tools. However, there is no additional cost for using these tools.

All sessions are conducted online. You will need the following things to attend the training:

  1. PC/Laptop/Tablet
  2. Internet connection
  3. Headsets with mic

Yes. You may contact the instructor either via phone, WhatsApp, or email id. Since our instructors are also working on a full-time basis, they generally contact you after office working hours.

Definitely. Once appx 80% of the training is covered, we will prepare your resume, conduct mock interviews and initiate the placement process via our own internal marketing team as well as through a network of recruiters.

Appx 35-40 hours of core training is provided over the course of 12-week duration. This includes the hours towards preparing you for interviews, conducting mock interviews, etc.

Please contact us directly either via phone or WhatsApp (437-254-7868) or email (info@itedge.ca) and we will take care of your needs.

Automation saves a lot of time, resources and money. Once created, Automated test cases can run again and again with no additional cost and they are faster than manual test cases.


At ITEdge , We designed a course from basic. All we expect from a student is positive attitude, desire to learn, should be able to learn and master the skills from the best QA course. We will be teaching you the coding skills necessary to perform well in a QA role. 

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