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Data Analytics Certification – All You Need to Know

There is a list of skills and interests needed to become a Data Analyst. For example, if you enjoy working with patterns or numbers or are skilled in math with analytic thinking, then a career in data analytics is for you. You should understand the basics of dealing with huge numbers as this is what organizations work with every day.

Skills needed to be a Data analyst Various combination of skills are required to be a professional data analyst. Some of them include business understanding, analytical skills, technical and mathematical skills. You can also undertake a Data Analyst certification course to get a platform for becoming a DA. 

Let’s understand each DA skill in detail.

    One of the main skills anyone needs is business skills, which means understanding the organization, the people, and the processes. Decision-making takes place within these areas. Business skills help you understand your responsibilities as a data analyst in any company. Proper knowledge of people and processes will provide the right information at the right time with easy decision-making capabilities.
    Communication plays an important role for Data Analysts as they form part of the top management of a company. For example, they mostly communicate with the decision-makers of the company, such as Directors, Co-founders, CEO, etc. Effective communication will help ensure clarity in the numbers and your analysis with respect to data.
    Time is considered as money for any organization. A Data Analyst has certain roles and responsibilities that make it essential to manage all of them effectively. Time management skills help Data Analysts organize and perform their responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner.
    Analytical thinking is the most essential component for becoming a successful data analyst. These skills include understanding numbers; the ability to collect, organize, interpret, and analyze all forms of data flowing within the organization. Analytical skills assist the DA in understanding the patterns hidden in the data that provide solutions for organizational problems by aiding businesses in executing timely and smart decisions.
    Numbers and patterns should be the passion of a data analyst. A decent understanding of arithmetic solutions will help to interpret the data available. A knowledge of statistics is also important. Therefore, mathematical skills play an important role in their job profile.
    There are various methodologies and techniques to be applied while working as a data analyst in any organization. Some of them include Hadoop, Python, SAS, R, etc. These require an understanding of technical knowledge. Computer and technical skills play an important role in enhancing the career growth of Data Analysts.


We started with basic skills and then moved to the difficult skills. These skills mentioned above can be acquired with guidance and assistance from professionals, which is possible only by undergoing a data analytics certification course online. You can consult an institute or a Senior Data Analyst for consultancy to understand the future growth and skills needed. You can also advance your skills by undertaking a data analytics certification course.

Data analytics certification training in Canada assists you in pursuing a career in the field of data analytics. ITEdge provides experienced faculties and appropriate study material to assist you in shaping your career.

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