Quality Analyst Skill Set

Quality analyst skills set in IT Companies

If you are in the IT Industry, you now importance of the quality of the product. Product shows the brand image of the organization in the market. Solution oriented product will bring you the more customer than you applied the marketing techniques. Means, If you offers solution oriented product then the product can market itself. It awesome right? So, in this blog post we talk about the quality analyst skills, job description, responsibilities and etc.

Let’s see the acronym of QA, QA stands for quality assurance or Quality analyst, it’s the process of testing high-quality of software product and services free bugs and glitches. The key role of the Q is to focus on enhancing the process of software development and making it efficient and effective.

Quality Analyst Job Description

analyst. What duties will they have on a daily basis? How far along in their career should they be? How will their work advance the objectives of your organisation? Make sure to think both broadly and specifically.

Job Overview

Come work at Example Co., a metro area leader in our industry. Being rated 4.0 on Glassdoor makes us happy. To help us continue to expand, we are looking to hire an experienced QA Analyst. Responsibilities for QA Analyst

  • Design and execute the product testing plan
  • Identify processes and circumstances for product and service quality control.
  • Product reviews are processed, and defects and errors are reported to the development team.
  • Inform the development team of quantitative and qualitative findings from test results.
  • Track and monitor efforts to resolve product issues.
  •  Ensure that the final design satisfies product specifications and end-user expectations.
  • Identify gaps to improve the product’s efficiency.
  • Assess the current market for comparable products and compare the outcomes.

Qualifications for QA Analyst in Canada

  • A master’s degree in business administration is preferred.
  • Extensive quality control experience is preferred.
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Problem Solving skills and Analytical
  • Wriitten Communication Skill and Fluent in verbal
  • Creative and innovative Thinker
  • observant and diligent
  • High regard for quality control and safety standards
  • capable of sitting or standing for long periods of time

What are the skills required to become a QA analyst?

The skills required to become a successful QA Analyst could be summed up as:

  1. Software Developing Skill
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Programming skills
  4. Excellent communication and writing abilities
  5. Analytical & Mathematical Skills
  6. Report Generating Skills
  7. Project Management skills

Salary Trends for Quality Analysts

  • Amazon: Rs. 435,852 /year
  • Concentrix Corporation: Rs. 375,656 /year
  • Teleperformance: Rs. 275,844/year
  • Accenture: Rs. 380,000 /year
  • TCS: Rs. 454,910 /year
  • Thoughtworks, Inc.: Rs. 900,00 /year
  • Intelenet Global Services: Rs. 276,000 /year
  • Wipro: Rs. 401,000 /year
  • Cognizant: Rs. 486,000 /year
  • HCL Technologies Ltd.: Rs. 370,000 /year
  • Deloitte: Rs. 575,000 /year

How to become a QA Analyst?

You now have a good understanding of what a quality assurance specialist does as well as the roles and responsibilities they have within an organisation. Therefore, if you believe it to be a field that interests you, you can begin your journey by earning your Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. However, earning a bachelor’s degree might not be sufficient for you to work as a QA analyst. For QA skills like testing, coding, debugging, and report generation, you have to put in a lot of effort. The skills required to become a QA Analyst have already been covered in this article.

You have two options after earning your computer science bachelor’s degree. To gain experience in this field, you can further your education or complete an internship. Additionally, it depends on the position or pay you anticipate having as a QA analyst within an organisation. A Master’s degree in computer science may be required if you want to get a really good job and salary because some employers base their hiring decisions on applicants’ educational backgrounds. Otherwise, you can begin doing internships in businesses and gaining real-world experience to aid in your job search.

Getting certified in this area, such as QA testing, is the last thing you can do to become a successful QA analyst. Your chances of being hired by a reputable organisation will increase if you complete certification. Numerous platforms offer QA or QA testing certifications. You can start your path to becoming a QA analyst by finding a programme that is appropriate for you.

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