Advantages & Benefits of becoming a Business Analyst

Advantages & Benefits of becoming a Business Analyst

Today the advantages and benefits of becoming a business analyst are many. There are various types of businesses where there is a need for Business Analysts some of the sectors and industries include Healthcare insurance accounting banking financial institutes trading and other services sectors. A Business Analyst or a BA is needed in almost every sector due to the fact that many companies are today project driven with respect to the goals they want to achieve in the short run and in the long run. In order to ensure powerful planning on each project, the initial tasks are handled by a good business analyst to make the implementation possible and smooth.

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As long as businesses are there and projects are available a BA will always have a chance to work with some or the other organization. Therefore, irrespective of which industry we discuss Business Analyst is always required as a priority therefore in this blog post we will cover what are the benefits of becoming a Business Analyst.

Considering in the future of any good Business Analyst is relatively more secure than other jobs, it also shows that a Business Analyst is also possibly secured from the economics of recession or pandemic, as seen recently the world over with the Covid-19 situation. Many businesses all over the globe are required to think of a new way of surviving the Covid-19 situation – A BA becomes a very helpful resource in order to analyze and strategize the survival in these situations. Therefore, a good analysis of any business vertical becomes necessary in order to understand various dynamics of demand-supply functions.

A business analyst helps organizations to assist both from a technical as well as functional point of view in order to manage day-to-day operations at optimum level. Let’s understand what are the benefits of a Business Analyst as a career.

Better Collaboration –

A BA collaborates with almost every department in order to understand the pain areas. Ranging from Project managers to Procurement teams to Sales management as well as external vendors of a company. By becoming a BA you gain the opportunity to collaborate with various departments and work on various challenges.

Fast-paced career – 

A Business Analyst work on multiple things in an organization, for example, analyzing the requirements research writing down technical requirements managing team members brainstorming presentations etc. Therefore, a BA becomes flexible in their approach while working.

A promising profession with growth

After having experience of 3 to 4 years as a Business Analyst you enter into a crucial stage of your carrier as a BA you need to become domain specific. With the same, you move to a Project management position

Great Opportunity

There are many professions where you may not get a great opportunity as a big picture. Business Analysts are the few fortunate who are able to grasp the broad view of a project or a company. As they become a part of a project right from the pre-sales phase and continue to be a part of it till the project closure.

High visibility and respect

As far as value is concerned; A Business analyst imparts to a project, their contribution to the project’s success is never questioned and this adds up to the admiration a business analyst garners and the visibility he commands. In Addition, analysts are often called upon to give project presentations to top management such as the CEO or CFO this helps them to gain attention for their insight into the project they are working on.

A Good BA always has to know both sides of the coin. Ie: knowledge of the working functional processes in the industry the project is from, and the technical know-how of how exactly the project will be handled by the team.

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