Why Business Analyst is gaining more importance today

Why Business Analyst is gaining more importance today 

In earlier days, the business analysis field was only related to software engineering, or it would have been known as a system analyst. Today, due to the fact that there have been various problems faced by organizations while combining business concepts with technical terms in order to achieve business success. If we see in the past decade there have been changes in technological shifts, social shit and environmental shifts that made organizations change their processes, teams, and products.

As a result, business analysis is becoming increasingly important in any business today.
There have been changes in business processes based on the trends set on social media and other online channels. Due to this every company today are re-evaluating its operations to beat the cutthroat competition by recruiting Business analyst. Compare to the olden days BA has gained more value and growth for business processes and ideas that work.

What are the elements of Business Analysis?

Business Analysis in any organization may consist of various elements that need to be processed in order to ensure desired results some of which include. 

  1. Detailing and Preparing the business cases
  2. Feasibility studies 
  3. Understanding and identifying new business opportunities 
  4. Mitigation planning and Risk assessments. 
Why are Business Analysts gaining more importance today

Why are Business Analysts gaining more importance today?

1. Business Analysis enhances the Return on Investments.

Return on investment is one of the most important metrics used today to calculate the efficiency of the investment. ROI showcases the survivability and image of the company which further defines the value and benefits of the revenue. A Business Analyst helps you to discover the benefits and profit margins of a particular project undertaken. As there are various areas of expenses and income to deal with. A BA helps you to reduce reworking on a project that increases the ROI.

2. Reduction in Cost

As mentioned the ROI increase Business Analysis and reduce expenses in various way by preparing and implementing the best business strategies. For example, understanding the project requirements in a proper way and involving all those people in the organization to meet the requirements on time. This helps in the reduction of the unwanted cost that a company may bear while working on a project.

3. Helps in Decision Making

A BA helps organizations and stakeholders to focus on decision-making by creating improvements in policies and workflows. This further improvises the decision-making within departments.

4. Provides Cost-effective solutions

Businesses require a solution to the problems they are facing. The solution can be any either by reworking the process or implementing a technology example: An ERP solution – A Business Analyst understands all the flow of the business and can help you with a cost-effective solution that works for your business.

5. Requirement Gathering

Analysing the business in detail and ensuring the proper flow of processes with an optimum solution is what you call as powerful requirements gathering. Business requirements gathering by a BA helps you to gain the best solutions implemented within specified time limits with outcomes that your business is looking out for.

Due to the huge events taking place in businesses such as sociocultural, environmental, and technological changes there has been an increase in the demand for Business Analysts in an organization. Let’s understand what are the drivers for BA in the market.

6. Pandemic

One of the major drivers for the demand for BA is Covid 19 Pandemic due to which there has been a shortage in staff. Due to this Business Analysts have been in demand in creating new methods of running the business.

7. Supply Chain Issues

Due to Covid, organizations around the world have been affected by staff shortages and supply chain issues. Businesses suffered labour shortages with workers being off the job and others re-evaluating their career choices and leaving to pursue other career options. Due to this Business Analysts have been called in to help with everything from risk assessment to assessing processes and supply chains to finding filling gaps and finding efficiencies.

8. Software Roles

Another high demand for BA roles is an increase in Software Analyst roles. Software applications companies such as Microsoft, Accenture and others – need specialized talent that completely understands the applications they are creating and how to configure these apps to meet the business needs of their customers.

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