How to prepare yourself for an Ideal Business Analyst role

How to prepare yourself for an Ideal Business Analyst role

Recent pandemics have created ripple effects in almost every industry. Many employees had their existing roles affected across the globe. Many employees reevaluated their careers, which ranged from online selling to freelancing to consulting or any other type of field that works through a pandemic. Due to the fact that many working professionals changed their fields due to “The Great Resignation” period of 2020–2021, there has been growing demand for business analysts across almost all countries.

Professionals from all over the world, particularly Canada, are seizing the opportunity to become more adaptable and take on a business analyst role. By taking an online Business Analyst course, you can become acquainted with the fundamentals of how a BA works and what all of their duties and responsibilities are in any type of organization. However, it is important to prepare yourself as a BA in order to maximize your chances of advancing in your career.


In order to prepare yourself for the job as a business analyst, you can initiate job crafting, which has been introduced in the 21st century. Job crafting is about taking proactive steps and actions to redesign what you do at work, essentially changing tasks, relationships, and perceptions of our jobs. The main premise is that we can stay in the same role, getting more meaning out of our jobs simply by changing what we do and the ‘whole point’ behind it.

As per the observation of organizational psychologists Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane E. Dutton, individuals engage in job crafting as a means to experience greater meaning at work, a positive work identity, better work-related well-being, and better job performance. There are various reasons why job crafting should be undertaken by every professional.

One of the best cases declared by Berg et al. in 2007 states that “job crafting captures what employees do to redesign their own jobs in ways that can foster job satisfaction, as well as engagement, resilience, and thriving at work.” Approaches – There are various types of approaches for job crafting based on the nature of the job. Here are 3 approaches that you can include in job crafting in order to prepare yourself as a role of BA. It includes:

Task Crafting

One of the best ways to fulfill your role is to define the list of tasks or responsibilities that fall under your job description. Example – A software developer who codes for a particular application would like to enhance their customers’ experiences by ensuring a proper coding and testing of code before hand. Rather waiting for the testing team to approve it. As a result, by ensuring other by-directional tasks, the developer creates a more significant role for themselves.

Relationship Crafting

Relationship crafting entails reshaping a professional’s communication with others in the workplace. One example may be of a sales manager working with the marketing team or product design team on regular basis in order to brand the product so that it reflects the company’s image in front of the customer. In this case, the sales manager is taking on more responsibilities to ensure the sales are smooth as well as that the branding is creating impact on Marketing activities.

Cognitive Crafting

Cognitive Job crafting method involves changing one’s mindset about the list of task they perform in any organization. Let’s take an example of website developer who is building and maintaining the website for a your company. Although the management decided on a particular theme that a website needs to be developed on the other hand small level changes such as mobile friendly, SEO friendly, speed of the website pages may be a little meaning in their task as the top management has already decided on the theme. But the ultimate goal of a website developer is to ensure powerful website with all the functions running smoothly will bring more satisfaction in his duties.

As a business analyst, you have the opportunity to act as a product owner, A BA, an Agile practitioner, and many more. The BA has been given loads of opportunity in order to hone their skills in the areas they are interested in. Finding niche roles within the field of BA can be helpful such as Product development analyst, IT business analyst, or business process analyst. Organizations today seek value in BA roles that has good experience and expertise in various focus areas. This helps you to narrow down your specialties in the field of BA.

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