Android Vs IOS Development – Key Difference

Today in the 21st century Mobile has been used extensively even in some areas they have had to replace Personal desktops and Laptops since the birth of Android and IOS development. There has been a list of apps that have been crafted by Android and IOS developer which is basically used on computers. Be it games software communication solutions all these have been converted into apps and have been released on Mobile platforms. According to recent statistics within a few years, Mobile and smartphones will be gaining the biggest chunk with respect to other hardware technologies available.

There are apps and games that have been developed either on iOS (made by Apple) or Android (made by Google), or even for both of them. Although the learning curve requires certifications in Android or IOS development that can help develop skills quickly as a Programmer, with respect to the ever-changing technology and new apps introduced every day on the apps store there are many more features and functions a developer can learn in order to utilize the knowledge for Mobile device industry.

Apart from Android and IOS, there are many other mobile app platforms such as Kindle & windows where all these apps can be created but currently, these 2 are the only booming and strongest for the current audience of smartphones.

What are the Key differences between Android and IOS DEVELOPMENT?

As far as the user perspective is concerned both platforms works in a similar manner with no difference there are many similarities such as widgets, Multi-tasking stability and security with the Android and IOS platform. But from the developer’s perspective, there is a major difference in order to implement the apps for both stores.

One of the key differences is the languages that both the apps use during development. For example, IOS uses Java language whereas Android use C. further that there are many discussion over the forums on which language is best. Although as per our understanding the demand for both platforms is equal so that becomes a tie. The face is the application framework for both platforms is decent and there have been loads of documentation available over the internet for both languages.

Since there is a good number of communities available for both platforms there are development tools and 3rd party libraries available that ensure all the development process is implemented quickly. So on the other hand we can say it all based on the developer and the language he/she is an expert in example – Objective C or Java language.

Going cross-platform development

When any company releases an app and they want to reach a big audience then it is better to go with cross-platform development. For the same, there are cross-platform development kits available through which both android and ios app development can be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are iOS apps easier to develop than Android apps?

For both new and experienced programmers, iOS is generally easier to develop iOS apps generally require less development time and are cheaper to build and maintain than Android apps.

Which device is better to learn: iOS or Android?

If you want to target Apple product users, you need to learn iOS development; if you want to target a different consumer base, then consider learning Android.

What is the main difference between developing iOS and Android?

There are some crucial differences between iOS and Android app development some of them include – iOS app developers use Swift, whereas Android app developers use Java or Kotlin.  For Apple devices, the screen sizes are standard with less variety where as the screen size and User interface can be different with android as there are many brands that support the Android platform. Further, the demographics of User is also different such as Income age location and so on

Do iOS or Android apps make more money?

Both iOS and Android apps make a lot of revenue. The android market has a broader reach and a lot of earning potential. Whereas; Apple App Store has an arguably larger market with more profit.

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